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What the “Bleep” is Up with USA Courts

BAR Member North American nationals enter non-re-presented into any so-called judicial (administrative) court forums everything they say, do and enter is meaningless and void because you and your documents are not re-presented by a private BAR (British Accredited Registry) Member, with membership directly linked with Parliamentary Congress operating in North America as its Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., CORPORATION (Registered in Delaware Secretary of State’s Corporate Division) So, in fact the private U.K. Government is licensed to operate in District of Columbia! Non-Republic state! Trading zone! Remember: Trading With the Enemies Act! You did know North American national Peoples’ are the “Enemies” reference in the Act? So, in the course of U.K.’s USA Business Charters (Contracts), it’s been trading with its “Enemies”, in the Republic states, better known as North American Peoples!

Wherefore, everything presented in Corporate Court as proof of evidence or affidavit of fact under notary seal (that’s their private administrative State notary) and court certified stamp, is moot and not even looked at or even considered because you are non-member of the private BAR Membership operations in North America! There are two ways in which you can enter U.K. Corporate Court forums with status and standing: 1) Be BAR Member, such as judge, attorney or an associate attorney member, such as police official (non-officer) and paralegal; 2) be represented (re-presented) for an administrative hearing as a 14th Amendment Corporate creation of its U.K. Parliamentary Congress, as: CITIZEN, RESIDENT, EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE OR TAXPAYER in accordance of BAR-Membership Code. However that code is void of truth, fact and civil due process; but instead, has everything to do with the business of Attorneys and Judges “re-presentation” of your “Man” or “Woman” de jure status and standing for entrance into their private businesses of private court forums! All of which is keeping control and compliance for its United Kingdom’s secret vested interests.

*Re-presentation has everything to do with transforming free North American nationals into Subjects of private ‘Courtly Businesses’, in business of making money for their layers and layers of private foreign franchise corporations in England; now, expanded as far as China, Mexico and Russia! (More countries, too numerous to list)

State of Oregon is nothing more than a subsidiary corporation of U.K.’s United States of America, Inc.; both U.K. and USA Congress Government are corporate franchises of United Nations Corporations! (See: “Genealogy of United States of America Corporations”)


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