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This is a real ‘Eye-Opener’ – makes you STOP and think

Raised in the backwoods of Michigan, Sharon learned her family was poor after her four-room schoolhouse closed and she was bused to high school in the rich suburb of Elk Rapids. There her classmates ate store-bought beef instead of freshly shot squirrel, rabbit, and venison.

At Peninsula College in Washington State, she became an activist. In 1994, Sharon began the adventure that led to Alaska Exposed: The Union (Conspiracy) which was written to document the author’s story and fight to help free Alaska’s working folks from the abuse and tyranny of the labor unions, aka organized crime that has unfortunately become legitimate in our country in this day and age.

Alaska Exposed is not only informational and informative – it is interesting and holds the reader’s attention as you travel the trail with a hardy woman in Alaska working as a Flagger and dealing with all of the ‘good ole boys’ and the ‘spoils system’ which is still alive and well after being coined from the phrase “‘to the victor belong the spoils” by New York Senator William L. Marcy, referring to the victory of the Jackson Democrats in the election of 1828.

As Leo Troy, professor of economics at Rutgers University testified before the House Oversight Committee in 1996. He said that unreported union funds invested in federal elections in presidential campaign years rose as high as five hundred million dollars. For some decades now, union money and personnel have become awesome political powers. Union bosses have fed their own agendas with the money of their members, as well as with the thousands of labor hours of paid union staffers, helping to elect politicos who have repaid these juicy financial favors with special legislation.

What might be wrong with unions working to get what union leaders call favorable union legislation? Only that the agenda often does not represent what the funding members desire, sometimes even working against worker rights, benefits, and quality of life. This agenda is not often openly brought before union membership and voted upon. This has become the newest twist in Taxation Without Representation.

Even collective bargaining is worked out, not between union members and employer, but between employers and union bosses.

Mark Chryson, Chairman, Alaska Independence said it best, “Union bosses work the same mindset of bureaucrats; both enjoy flexing their muscles at our expense. Both union bosses and bureaucrats exist because they have usurped power and authority from the “little people” as they call us. They thrive on the backs of working people and have never been able to keep their hands out of our pockets. Sorry to say stories like the one told in Alaska Exposed is a norm, not the exception. I cannot begin to tell you how many of similar stories I have heard. Stories of outright abuse of power run rampant.

The author will lead you through the steps, as she took them, to dealing with this menace that is everywhere present – in every state of our nation.

Her story is very well documented and referenced and includes; suggested reading list, educational and informational list of websites, and a 12 step list of actions that any citizen can take to create the change that is needed  – TODAY!

Sharon Lee Shields, author, human rights activist, investigative journalist, mother, grandmother.

Always on the side of justice

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