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    • Sharon Lee Shields on Corporation Conspiracies CD

      By Sharon Shields In this CD, author Sharon Lee shields shares with you a compilation of 17 years of investigative research into the operations of the United States of America Government. This bright, doggedly persistent and legally astute investigator shows us where we are now, how we got here and what we need to do More Info »
    • United States of America Exposed: The Corporation Conspiracies

      Government operating in North America is nothing more than an undisclosed maze of old world monarchy systems re-established on our soil disguised as “Government for the People” but in fact operate as a maze of registered private foreign corporations, in the business of making money for the ‘corporations,’ doing business all over the world disguised as “wars,” and those maze of corporations have had nothing to do with “American People,” our rights, protections and independence. Instead they have re-enslaved us all! More Info »