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My conscious journey and then struggles in this “awakening process” began in 1994, when I experienced firsthand the blatant misuse of senior service funds by a very tight-knit Municipality in a small community that controlled what the seniors would and would not benefit from during the time that I was Senior Service Program Director in Unalaska (known to outsiders as Dutch Harbor), Alaska for Fifteen Aleut Seniors living on the Island.

There were multitudes of programs and events off the Island on the mainland commonly referred as Anchorage, Alaska where the seniors could fly to experience; and Alaska’s oil and gas revenues supported those events for the Aleut Seniors. Unfortunately minimal funds trickled down to the program and to the seniors. So, I began researching and then addressing in town meetings those very issues with the City of Unalaska bureaucracy which resulted in total isolation from the City Officials; and then ultimately cut off from assistance and communication from City officials from the desk clerk all the way to the chief of police, mayor and senator. My efforts in helping enrich the lives of seniors were fruitless uphill battles against a wealthy and powerful bureaucracy. Toward the end of my time on the Island, I was warned that my life was threatened and it was time for me to leave.

My efforts in helping resulted in feeling like the Colonel in “Legends of the Fall” (Anthony Hopkins) trying to help the Indians by seeking Congressional and government support which were fruitless.

That was my first conscious experience with “government bureaucracy” that was blatantly discriminatory and wrong; and more importantly, completely unchecked. During the beginning of that same 1994 year during my meditation and prayer I’d ask God to provide me with my life’s journey because my life was floundering; and I felt ready to experience something; not knowing what that ‘something’ was, at that time!

I came off the Island 15 months after my arrival seeking a road construction job which I had experience in, believing that I’d collect my bearings from my Island experience and relax from no longer dealing directly with bureaucracy. (See my first book: Alaska Exposed: The Union Conspiracy)

Contrary to my delusion, I found myself in the most dysfunctional, discriminatory, abusive employment relationship where you paid a corrupted union that operated in accordance of power and family ties. Drug and alcohol use was rampant on the job; physical and severe mental abuse along with documented court cases of rapes on the job. Family and favored friends from other States were hired first; and, guaranteed work all summer and the next season. Some non-family workers were valued for being hateful on the job and, playing dirty and mean tricks on non-family workers on the job.

In Alaska road construction Employer/Employee relationships are based in favored contractors and family ties. You’re forced into joining a “union” just to get on an illusion of work list. Getting on a work list only means you’re bound paying dues each month! It by no means promises you secured a job for the summer or even a day! Favored Prime and Sub-Contractors are drinking and partying buddies with union bosses. It’s just common knowledge; such as in this case Local 341 Union in Anchorage, Alaska works you based upon the request of the Contractor; and then the NLRB (Feds) are their first line for protection and defense of those discriminatory practice, resulting in my first book, “Alaska Exposed: the Union Conspiracy” which barely touched on the true nature of “union” abuses!

Reflecting back on 1998-1999 construction season; and, knowing what I know and have experienced today, I can affirm that all levels of Government from the basic Municipalities, Cities, State and Federal Governments—to the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, Representatives, Governors, and Legislative Officials, those positions are filled with schemers, extortionist, drug users, drug traffickers, prostitution and infidelity. With each department ensuring that any new member of their government team has the same low standard of morality or willingness to fall within those low-life brackets for ensuring employment!

After eighteen years of investigative research in government and union operations, “I believe then named low-life standards are requirement of government employment!”

The first phase of research for “truth” was exhausting and endless. Yet, I was divinely guided during that time as my consciousness raised, my understanding soared, which included being guided to an Alaskan Native Elder who coached me and ensured me that I could defend those very issues on my own after I’d met and fulfilled all avenues of government requirements for ‘alleged justice?’ I could represent discriminatory issues on my own. I knew at that time, I was up against a huge government beast that needed slaying; but I had no idea the beast was all levels of government!

Still, my research continued. Looking back on that time, I felt as if I’d abandoned me and everything I thought my life meant at that time. When I looked in the mirror one night, I was as if I didn’t know who that woman was, anymore. It didn’t even look like me! I’d packed up what I could in my mind; and began my journey, walking across North America in search of truth, trekking for the next eighteen years.

I began documenting and writing down everything I’d learned for the next two years. I’d made many meaningful contacts and had positive validation about what I was dealing and experiencing with employment, unions and both State and Federal Agencies in business of protecting rights? My searches confirmed government systems did not work for non-government men and women. With agency investigations into discrimination and on the job abuses leaving most of those whom I interviewed scratching their heads in wonderment as to how such a determination could be made. Agency determinations that should’ve been made from basic facts and truths; and result in simple right or wrong solutions, always ended in blatant abortions of justice!

Today, more and more North Americans have woken up and learned through experience that those bogus determinations are based in pre-determined corporate administrative rules, regulations, statutes and codes that have nothing to do with facts and truths or right or wrong. But, contrary to the facts and trust, have everything to do with providing you with an administrative procedure, empty of any meaningful due process, period! My knowledge of government abuses up to that point was the beginning of my writing journey; and when I wrote and published my first book in 2001.

I’d gone back to college in Alaska during that time to further my education in effort of better understanding the “system.” I thought it was me, that I didn’t understand the rules and regulations of presenting the facts. I’d been systematically conditioned into believing that I must have been doing something wrong in my presentations of facts.

That is when I’d contacted the NRTW Organization President and Vice President in the Washington, D.C.  I kept searching and seeking answers because I couldn’t wrap my mind around and comprehension the blatant discrimination, outright extortion of rights and violations against North Americans rights.  (See my book: Alaska Exposed: The Union Conspiracy)

The most amusing ‘transparent’ government agency I dealt with in eighteen years was the NLRB in Anchorage, Alaska. The men who run that office were even a disgrace as representative of the Federal Government; mindless puppets that picked up the phone and called the union in pure panic asking what to do and say next each time I darkened their office doors.

During my NLRB experience that year, I realized these were common practices all over North America. These operational practices weren’t hiccups because of me or my personality; theses were season-to-season repeated humiliating and degrading discrimination practices against non-family or non-favored union workers. There weren’t just a handful of bad apple supervisors and companies on these jobs; the bad apples “were” it!  From the drugged up Supervisor on the job, to the favored Construction Company, to the Unions who controlled who was worked in accordance of contractor favor, to the corrupted NLRB puppets, all were doing EXACTLY as they’d been operating for centuries! Primitive practices and discriminations ran rampant against women and non-family union workers, which should’ve been written into NLRB and Union Code as usual and customary practices.

That ‘hiccup’ that I thought in the system, in the end drove me to absolute disgust and disbelief for almost two years from an alleged NLRB “hearing process” that had broken me spiritually, financially and emotionally in disbelief of the NLRB finding of nothing wrong with the documented endless accounts of harassments, condemnations, discriminations from credible witnesses who came forth. Instead, were business practices, as usual in accordance of NLRB and Local 341 Representatives!

At first, I was numbed and in shock, then becoming very angry and then driven by betrayal and emotions for the next eighteen years. I was driven to find “truth” from that day forward my understanding of government at that time turned to HELL.

I turned into a “thinker” I was always thinking; my mind wouldn’t rest; searching “where I could find truth.” I went to sleep at night thinking about a new avenue of researching which I might find truth; and woke the morning thinking about researching that avenue. One thing for sure though, I knew that “my truth” and “GOVERNMENT TRUTH” were affirmatively two different truths!

During that time I reflected on an evening in 1995 when I’d said an angry prayer to God, demanding to know my destiny. My life felt like it was turned upside down and impossible for me to live in, anymore.

I was standing on one of the pallets that doubled as a sidewalk leading to a WW II Cabana that I was living in. I was frantic as I looked up into the night sky that was filled with billions of bright stars, overwhelmed feeling crowded that they were so close that I could reach up and touch them. I demanded God show me what I was supposed to be doing this lifetime. Everything that I believed in as far as truth, fact, honesty, faith and love in right outcome was gone! I couldn’t accept that my life and beliefs were doomed to suffering and condemnation; being penniless and blackballed from making a living!

Because “if” you deny that you’re not completely blackballed from municipal, government jobs and the construction industry, even in the vast wilderness of Alaska, for standing up for rights and protections that are written and distributed as “equal employment”, you’re dead wrong! Those hundreds of government pamphlets of employment “rules, regulations, statutes and codes are mere mock protections in place to make you feel there are employment protective laws in place.

Still reflecting on my life, I became angrier at myself for being so gullible for the past 45 years, believing without question that “governments on all levels” had been looking out for my best interests! Instead, Governments’ interests had and have nothing to do with truth, fact or protection of Americans promised way of life. Instead, investigative research confirmed governments have everything to do with protecting private interests, private investments, foreign interests, all operating by and through mazes of private corporations such as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. CORPORATIONS with subsidiaries all over the world and in North America; promoting governments private Federal Reserve Systems, which result in assessing and then collecting ‘use taxes’ to pay its MOTHERSHIP CORPORATION KNOWN AS IMF CORPORATIONS from all over the world. Those foreign businesses are better known in America as the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD CORPORATION; FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, INC., DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY CORPORATION, ETC., ETC.!

Driven my pure determination to “know and understand” what was lacking in me that I couldn’t secure a just and fair result and closure, I began outreach by joining study groups all over North America. I began once a week in Anchorage, Alaska, committing myself to a Thursday night group, known as “Ralph’s Group” that then moved to the Valley (Wasilla, Alaska) a year later. I was elated and comforted in a crowd of like-minded men and women who were also lost in mazes of government uncertainty; confusion about the system.

That’s when I learned that discriminatory government practices just didn’t affect the whole of a construction industry, its union representation and NLRB; it was government practices as a whole! The confusion about our Americans “bill of rights and declaration of independence” wasn’t confusion at all, it was a deliberate plan of re-enslavement and indentured servitude! All the protections that went along with our original Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence charters were gone; only outdated fragments of a Republic belief system that had been scrapped by 1871.

During my first meeting my chest felt like it had a ton of bricks lifted off it. I reminded myself to breathe as I absorbed what was being said and disclosed. It was then that I realized that we American nationals had more on our plates to deal with regarding “equality and justice” from government than glitches in employment issues. Still, just knowing that it wasn’t just me, I moved forward in an element of support for my consciousness of what I knew to be truth up to that point. I no longer thought that I was the only woman who couldn’t get it “right” in securing an end result that justified fair and equal treatment because the “justice” that I was taught and believed protected me eluded me. However, as I listened throughout the weeks ahead, justice had also eluded everyone in the room, and for several different causes, giving me even more to think about!

Black’s Sixth Dictionary had just come out and was my first major purchase in effort of “understanding legal terms”; and, during that time, I absorbed “legal jargon” like a dry sponge!  And, studied and re-studied everything I got my hands on and everything that was handed and mailed to me pertaining to injustices such as false arrests; terminations of employment; and addressing the courts. Many court cases from Anchorage, Alaska to Palmer, Alaska I attended, in support of one or more from our Study Group, all addressing what “we” knew or thought to be violations of Constitutional rights. Realizing at that time that I knew there was something wrong with verbiage and court procedures as to why we always lost our defenses. And, the cases that were lost were so simple, clear cut, just we lost? The determinations that came out of Anchorage and Palmer, Alaska Courts were simply unimaginable and should’ve been dismissed, immediately. Instead, the D.A. or Attorneys always prevailed. And, if we appeared to be on the correct path for prevailing the Judge would side track the issue and us, with frivolous questioning that was a ploy taking our defense off track. With each loss, I learned more, listening even more intently, scouring the court procedure, hoping to learn what ‘we’ were doing wrong! Instead, each time we’d walk out of a court hearing, including my own for employment discrimination, we were dumbfounded and confused as to what had just happened?  The courts and brotherhood of the bar attorneys seemed to be on a different planet, from us. The issues we “thought and believed” we being addressed in any court proceeding, such as: discrimination, injustice, unfair search and seizure of private property; etc., etc., not one time was ever addressed; and, in fact, our side of an issue wasn’t even addressed or brought up?

During the beginning of 2000 I traveled from Alaska to workshops and compiling new information and joining groups, all over North America. For two years, I studied Winston Shrout’s and Rice McLeod’s materials extensively. Southern Boys! I followed McLeod’s battles, arrest and alleged victories against Texas law. Still, victories had always come at great losses to us in this movement. I heard a saying once, that disheartened me, but for sure “fit” the circumstances.  When we had a victory, I was told that the only reason we won was because, “They threw us a bone, just so we’d keep coming back!”  In other words, to entertain them!

I’d purchased and studied Barton Buhtz’s tax information as he walked me through the Redemption Manual. There was so much coming my way in the nature of “understanding and comprehending” at that time, I’d lost track that I had a family and that I was a living breathing woman. I was so bogged down and felt despair for the first time in my life. I wanted to be back at the beginning of 1994, sewing, dancing, baking, and enjoying my family, ignorant of everything I knew about government and mock protection up to this point. All of that was gone.  All the fun things in my life were gone! I hated my life. I looked in the mirror and saw myself again; and I’d only aged. The old me that I knew was gone and I didn’t know who was there or who I was, anymore!

By the time the year 2003 rolled around, I my life was on remote control. I had forgotten about the ‘justice search’ in Alaska task; and, taken on a new adventure, traveling to workshops and classes in Nevada and Oregon. After the workshops, I paid what little I had left for private counsel after the workshops just to understand my personal questions and quest. The classes were outlined and on schedule and questions from participants were many. With each year, month, week, day and breath of my life since 1995, I had a handle on and knew that something very evil and sinister had taken the place of ‘justice’; and that “People” were no longer “Masters” of this country and no longer run this country! At first it was over whelming to try to understand the extent of the fraud and treason. Then as time when on, my understanding increased that government system that we were subjected to and experienced had nothing to do with what had been secured for us by our forefathers. Also, I’d learned another new word to add to my already overwhelming extensive vocabulary of legal terms, “Genocide.”

I’d either surrendered or adjusted to my “new” quest because it seemed a way of life, now.  I’d also bought a Black’s Fourth Dictionary with new hope because I was told that anything after the Fourth Edition appeared not to have application for non-attorneys; and after the Fourth Edition was written exclusive for attorneys. (That’s what I believed back then that got me here to where I am, today because in truth none of the editions apply to non-BAR Members!

With two years of studying both Editions of Black’s and reading and studying everything in the nature of case law that passed my hands and was forwarded to me on the Internet, I began advocating for my own causes, along with those of my fellow study group Americans, all targeted by the system for “Our” beliefs and actions toward securing truth and freedom from what I came to understand that the courts are the “hub” of the systematic dismantling and destruction of what I and many others believed was secured for our protection for over two hundred years.  And, with hundreds of hours under my belt of sting in courts, just watching the cases, how determinations were handled and processed, I believed that I had it “all” figured out in accordance with what was written and focusing on “truth” as I understood it to be for tapping into “their” systematic fraud upon North Americans.

My first court victory was for “Richard”: Stopped by City Police on phony charges, and his car was seized for lack of insurance; he was given a ticket, fined and also provided a court date to appear. I advocated the paperwork for him, the verbiage and we rehearsed what to say and what not to respond to; and also his terms of conditions for “appearance.”  What must be understood is that “corporate court systems” have held an invisible lid on its “private practices” by dividing and conquering, financially and emotionally breaking those of us who stand up against them from this movement. For each court mandatory “appearance”, no matter the order our names appeared on the docket sheet list, we were always held until last; when the court rooms were emptied of non-related men and women.

“Richard” had followed my directions and stuck to “his” terms and the case was ‘Dismissed’ against him. However, by the time his Court date the City of Anchorage, Alaska had already sold his car at auction? But the ‘win’ included in part that the fines, ticket and community service had been dropped!

During the time of that first “Victory” my life was submerged in studying and learning the “truth” about the corporate machine known as “government” and active, every day, all day with men and women calling and coming and going from my home before our weekly meeting, discussing specific steps and needs for defense. I was still traveling once a month for a week studying in Nevada with teams of like-minded and experienced “Americans” discussing new violations that had fallen upon us from the last time we met. We fulfilled our workshops and honouring special guest speakers (Shout, Mc Leod and Roberts, Barrus, Jr., Keating) discussing experiences and possible remedies and reliefs from what consciousness evolving we understood at the time for combating the ‘criminal syndicates’ of private government machines.

I’d spend hours on the phone in exchange of and learning Barton Buhtz’s knowledge and front line understanding of the issues and destruction of private Governments’ first line of retaliation and defense against “Americans” when seeking ‘truth’, is the Internal Revenue System Corporation (IRS), unleashed upon each one of us like a heat seeking missile in search and destroy of anyone challenging and learning about its private invasive government systems!

What wasn’t clear back then was that “Americans” were/are loaded and locked in the sights of the destruction of the IRS without remedy or recourse against this tyranny. Americans are rendered “defenseless” in accordance with the IRS Corporations mission statement of its corporate duties. Because before Americans do anything, we are deemed guilty and sentenced to the terms and conditions of private Federal Government Charters and Legislation for Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

As each one of us is exposed in this “truth” movement and is revealed to the private ‘corporate government system’ their first line of defense against us is like immediate extermination of a sick animal: its life is over when a higher up (it owner or family) determines it is, such as is in government systems. Exactly the same scenario was playing out back then: When the private government system found out through our contacts and knowledge that some Americans were  no longer operating in the capacity of “Sheepeople” and no longer in “compliance” with the terms and conditions of its private corporations, we are in fact in “Rebellion” in accordance of IRS (Instant Robbery Squads) rules, regulations and codes. Our abilities of sustaining our life, liberty, safety, family and happiness, along with our ability to sustain a home, automobile and lastly a job are greatly compromised, without mercy!

“John” was my second court ‘Victory.’  He was quite a character. He had two construction businesses and worked well into the fabric of the “Construction Powers that be” but he wasn’t a rapist, nor did he break into or assault his ‘ex-girlfriend.’ John had heard about me through members of Ralph’s Anchorage Thursday night meeting and then Friday night meeting in Wasilla, Alaska. John received “Summons” by a private attorney secured by his ex-girlfriend for “Appearance” in court over an alleged assault and rape charge? Extreme situation as the charges could’ve ruined his companies and abilities to sustain his living and possible prison time.  I reviewed the circumstances and the remedies were all in a police report that had been recorded, unbeknownst to the ex-girlfriend and her Attorney, John had called the police to remove some of his construction equipment off his ex-girlfriends property. He requested police present in the area because of possible outburst and physical retaliations by his ex-girlfriend who would do anything at that time out of spite and jealousy to hurt and hinder, John. All of which was confirmed by many others knowing the background along with John’s testimony to me.

Resolution in the nature of “truth and fact terms” could’ve been resolved over mere discussion and review of the facts; but that is not how attorneys have set their private system up.  “Attorneys” and their “Exclusive Corporate Courts” are a wedge between “Americans and truth’ and difference is they cannot hear us.  They can only hear “THEIR” corporate rules, regulations, statutes and codes.

So, when I found out the truth and facts of the situation as stated in the police report where John had gone in and peacefully taken his equipment, and was ready to leave when the ex-girlfriend showed up and “she” in fact had assaulted him, and verbally abused him before he could pull his equipment off her property. All the charges were bogus according to police report and three witnesses; so, I advocated and wrote the documents for John’s court appearance, and captured specific directions for his “appearance”; and, he did exactly what I told him to do and also stayed within the limits of what I required him to say.

After the Judge called his named, he made clarification of “who” he was and his “condition” upon entering In-Bar, followed, line by line the outline provided him, telling the court what “he” wanted done. John provided each document to the clerk as he named them, walked out of Bar after verbally stating and entering each document into Court Record, and walked out!  He was yelled at, the court room was in disarray, he was stopped at the court room door by security, and cautioned by the judge about being thrown in jail if he didn’t stay; during the confusion and threats the Judge was reading the documents. Then the judge ordered his release, with a promise (threat) of another court date; all of which was common back then when the court was in estoppels; and didn’t have tools to make the next move in their own “court game.” Again, the Judge defended her position by threatening another court date! Ten days later, John received a letter “Dismissing” the case; and it was issued from the Attorney General’s Office in Anchorage, Alaska and signed by the A.G.! ‘A Big Victory for both of us!’

Unfortunately for those of us still in this movement of exposing government rouse, it’s not that simple, anymore. The Corporate Systems have become more aggressive and more corrupted against those of us who understand what it’s doing. Truth, facts and affidavits no longer work!

So, I provide you herein with eight more years of my continued extensive research into government, which provides you with a wealth of my latest research and materials into the meaning of “Government”, today!


Blessings and knowledge,

Sharon-Lee: Shields


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