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Eighteen years ago was beginning of the bleakest and harshest times of my life when I realized how ignorant I was of meaning of ‘government’; and how helpless and incompetent I felt in protecting and defending me from operations of Federal Governments’ private corporations. I learned it was imperative that I armed myself with knowledge, skills and tools for defending and protecting myself against practices and operations of undisclosed private Federal Government corporations because I was ignorant of reemergence of slavery and indentured servitude in more sinister, subtle and invisible conditions;

Federal Government procedures and operations in times of war, only, has secretly, behind closed doors, emerged as mazes of private government corporations, towering political fortresses of foreign private unaccountable corporations operating in North America, casting American nationals’ into poverty and ruination like terminal diseases cast over this land;

Looking back beginning 1994, I was model indentured servant because I don’t remember questioning or coming up against any non-compliance issues that would’ve alerted and caused me awaking and seeing that government didn’t and doesn’t represent me in any capacity. I also wasn’t informed of North American nationals being declared enemies of current private Federal Governments, as is evidenced in Emergency War Powers Act, where all North America’s free peoples’ were declared enemies of the current private Federal Government Corporations, impersonating representation of government of and for North Americans! (What’s happened is “Federal Government” has declared perpetual state of war, running all over the world creating wars (business deals) for purposes of keeping North Americans’ Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence in perpetual state of suspension!)

Pursuant of eighteen year research background, I will confirm all levels and titles of government are nothing more than mazes of foreign corporations impersonating our non-corporate lawful government. The current private Federal Corporations have historic links and causes of our American Revolution. It wasn’t until I was seeking justice in one of their undisclosed administrative (non-judicial) forums for honest remedy and relief for a small indigenous group of seniors when government operations revealed itself as an organized forces, bought-and-paid-for men and women acting, occupying and impersonating lawful government offices – in businesses of ensuring compliance and control over non-government North Americans’, securing private political agendas by government officials (non-officers) and agencies (corporations) offering sham administrative due process proceedings equivalent of dictatorship practices;

Federal Government corporations are in business of supporting special interest groups in North America, such as unions, investment banker conglomerates and industrial giants such as automobile/truck industries, food, and oil and gas, keeping compliance and control over non-corporate private North Americans, our ability of operating in commerce and our living conditions through dictating administrative (statutes, rules, regulations and codes) practices desired for best interest and protection of current private Federal Government corporations. All of which makes sense when making clarification of why I couldn’t secure even resemblance of due process or truth and fact (justice) in any Federal Government and State franchise forum!

It took me several more years of continued studying solvency before waking-up, and accepting truth that government did not serve North American peoples! In my journeys of seeking substantive due process throughout the years in what I believed were honest judicial forums, resulting in honest remedies and reliefs found me on the wrong side of and up against entire cities, states and federal corporate agencies and agents that mercilessly defended their private positions, private administration and corporate agendas, all of which were result of helping a small group of American national seniors in gaining access to funds designated for senior use;

I was in beginning of the solvency movement when helping the group of seniors; and, stunned and shaken by the corruption and fraud that blatantly and openly transpired, which was catalysis in my next eighteen years of questioning and investigating all levels of government and their functions;

Today, I understand that non-corporate American nationals had unknowingly caused and created more problems in the past two-hundred years by lack of compelled performances such as enacting de jure government and keeping vigilance over current Federal Government, as was/is required. It wasn’t as if our current generations of American nationals were ignorant of trials and hardships our Ancestors’ had experienced and suffered freeing us from the grips of foreign government ‘hell’ that were and still are today paved with past and present foreign private interests, private investments and private profits, which have caused American nationals losses of individual life, liberty, peace and loss of our natural resources (oil and gas) for foreign interests!

Unknowingly, when I’d questioned government practices, I’d begun a journey down a dark and barren ‘road not traveled’ with all new territory for exploring, defending and building, discovering an unexplored wilderness of Federal corporations and Federal Corporateers running North America pre and post Civil War;   

In defense of repeated (intentional) discrimination, invasion of my private life and injustice from foreign corporate Federal Government and State Government franchises, I began awakening and understanding government was mazes upon mazes, of endless private franchises and subsidiaries of United Nations Corporation (home office) imposed upon North Americans’, operating across North America. In my eighteen years of exposing and defending against private Federal Government corporation systems, I was immediately faced with huge financial burdens, both in and out of their private businesses of ‘courts’, just keeping up with demands of paperwork and filing cost took majority of funds, which of course, was all intentionally built into operational “Charter” for keeping North Americans’ in compliance and control;

Many concerned North Americans’ with past experience and better understanding of “what” government really meant to us had cautioned me about its dangerous and invisible strategies of suppressing truth and fact at all costs is called ‘damage control; which I’d reaped tyranny of government practices repeatedly in the next eighteen years, in what was corporately referred to as administrative (legislative) due process policies and practices; damaging, injurious and empty of honest application of truth and fact for non-corporate North Americans. Administrative due process is specific for corporate charters (legislative) policies, procedures and practices; and, had/have undisclosed limited resources for private Federal Governments’ operations and practices for its fictional creations, referred to as: Citizens/CITIZENS, Residents/RESIDENTS, Persons/PERSONS;

Federal Government District’s had unleashed in full force against me its first line of defense which is a systematic ruination of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and ability in serving by its private Internal Revenue System Corporation (IRS), which in truth, is restricted in practice and operation in jurisdiction and venue of Washington, District Counsel of IRS (D.C.)!

My life was overthrown with letters upon letters from IRS, bogus threats upon threats caused from fraudulent audits and assessments, customary practices of pursuit in magnitudes that will, either force non-corporate American nationals’ back into compliance, subjected the rest of your life with monthly payments to corporate government; or will outright ruin you, or imprison you for making you example for other North Americans who dare question and come up against corporate IRS subjugation. Stealing whatever its IRS Agents (Corporateers) can pirate from you; freezing bank account funds, homes, raw lands, automobiles, and businesses;

Non-corporate North Americans are secretly loaded and locked into undisclosed, sinister, and evil Federal Corporation Systems, created as corporations using private federal reserve notes; casting North Americans’ in secretly devised operational plans for keep control and compliance in taxing North Americans for using its private federal reserve notes, with corporate franchises and subsidiaries hidden in plain sight all over North America;

My years of harsh experiences required daily vigilance in standing my ground, just keeping up with paperwork needs and agency demands were endless in my efforts of defending myself against what I believed were my inherit rights and protections. However, I didn’t understand (non-disclosure) that my efforts for remedies and reliefs were fruitless and moot “in” corporate venues because all government agencies and agents had nothing to do with my inherit rights or protections!

During that time I’d begun attending groups seeking truth-and-justice. My willingness and desire of understanding how governments – from State Representatives, Courts, Attorneys, Police Officials, all levels of government drove me in excess of focus research of how government could act and operate in manners of “masters”; where their administrative practices had nothing to do with our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation as was integrated in original Constitution of the United States (void “of America” at the end) treaties and guidelines that bound and restrained government;

After 1994 the next three years, brought me blatant humiliation, confusion, discrimination, extortion of rights, mock hearings, and mock defenses by front-line agents and front-line agencies pretending to defend against discrimination; but instead, were discriminatory in principle and practice;

In 1998 I’d confirmed all Federal and State government agencies and agents’ existence depended on one thing: collection of Federal and State Taxes, using their application form and/or completed and signed complaint cause of its operations. Submitting your signature on their form is all IRS needed in validating (volunteering) you as taxpayer which is extent (open and closed) of agency investigations, nothing else is done because their policies and practices outlined in administration have been fulfilled in accordance of appearance you have been provided with an administrative due process, which is evidenced in National Labor Relations Board Hearings (NLRB), as well;

Each agency I’d filed complaint with presented the same administrative brick wall, providing me with a clear understanding of what government was doing. By 1999 it was clear to me that government did not represent North American peoples; instead, it represented corporations and special interest groups;

Looking back on this arduous painstaking journey understanding drove me to keep going because with each new government agency contact, I was faced with another administrative empty process—another dead-end; but, those dead-ends provided me a little more insight and a lot more evidentiary documentation of non-disclosures of true intent government: privatization!

My life, as I knew it and enjoyed it, had slipped away – it was gone. By the time that I realized and felt my losses, I was in poverty, homeless, with years of training, researching, and documentations. However, those personal experiences and sitting through court cases and trials brought me wisdom and understanding of how these private Federal Government practices have cast Americans nationals into compliance and controlled environment that I’ve referred to in my writings as: Plantation North America!

By 2004, I had three years of traveling from state to state studying with like-minded American nationals, reaping both good and bad information; but meeting a similar variety of people. By that time, my life was beginning to feel inhospitable and foreign for me to live in;

There were times in my learning modes that each hour, day, week, month, and year that passed the knowledge filled me with so much pain…that living seemed was unbearable, at times;

I began realizing that my years of trials and errors of trying various approaches, pains of losses and shortcomings of dishonest government agents and some people in the movement, lack of wins; and excitement in hope of one or two wins, have all taken me safely down barren roads not traveled, with eyes wide open, focused on our baron Republic and true gold of our existences, because in my darkest minutes and hours, traveling down that dark and scary road not traveled – I realized the past six years of experiences, contacts, groups, and investigations of almost every government agency and agent, review of court cases in Circuit, Superior, and Federal seeking real-truth of our losses of liberty, demise of our North America has brought me to an exciting understanding for all of us: Now, is time for bring back and instituting our Republic for North Americans’ because Federal Government is currently at its lowest point…only this time, instead of allowing an “Old World Order” government fix it plan, let’s peacefully take total control and build our Republic, ourselves!

I’m full of hopes, dreams, and goals for North America in full recovery. Right now we can begin building in that barren North American Republic secured for us over two hundred years ago, using my writings, news publishing, books, and educational workshops in awakening North Americans from their two-hundred-plus years of sleep. I pray each day that my work wakes and empowers North Americans to do their own work, educate themselves down that road not traveled, dig their own gold mines, hunt and gather their reading materials, participate in peaceful, non-violent groups and seek training that will re-invest in “North America for North Americans!”  

I’ve witnessed many wealthy North Americans (some ‘celebrities’) who should be helping in restoring our liberty; they’ve made their fortunes in North America, having been supported by North Americans but are traveling around the world investing in other countries and peoples, leaving their own fellow-North Americans, who have fought and defended them and this country, systematically…in slums and economic and domestic ruin. North Americans are unnecessarily losing their homes, and job security to foreign-owned businesses and foreign workers, referred to as: American Foreign national inhabitants.  American Federal Government corporations have removed their private foreign industries out of North America in support of their foreign corporate business interests and counterpart industries in other countries;

The biggest blow to our already-wavering economy and country was when Federal Government Corporations brought in eighty to one hundred thousand foreign troops and stationed them Georgia; and then scattered our North American men and women troops all over the world; putting foreign nationals to work, while putting American nationals out of work!

Our Fore-fathers secured life, liberty, and freedom for North Americans against taxation without representation, privatization of government and against religious persecution by “Old World Order,” Governments which is now commonly referred as “New World Order”; but it’s still same foreign, old-world government as was in control during our American Revolution, back in 1776;

Declaration of Independence provided North Americans with a clean slate for building our union Republic. In hopes of building and securing communities of lawful American nationals, and creating jobs in lawful forums, representative of protection and safety of North Americans. Most importantly, North Americans’ forgot we were instructed in keeping watchful and constant eye on our domestic lawful government; but, instead, that imperative warning was lost in mazes of corporate executive orders!

History reveals that after our freedom was secured from strangleholds of slavery and indentured servitude, most American Nationals were preoccupied in mopping up foreign government messes; and drunken in many years of celebrating independence, losing track of our domestic government duties;

As time passed warnings from our great grandfathers and great grandmothers faded; failed in passing on and teaching us that we had duty and responsibility in keeping track of government with watchful and constant eyes;

The foreign government operations persisted in making private investments, increased financial interests, and claiming land and business holdings here in North America. In effect began their own rebellion against our North American freedoms – against contracts and charters that freed North Americans!

Foreign Federal Government and its franchise and subsidiary “State Corporations” of  “Agencies and Agent Members” are the same foreign interests our Forefathers’ gained our Independence from in 1776; yet they’re still controlling our North American way of life, liberty, and commerce – operating in capacities of corporations. Side-stepping and going in the back door of our solvency and independence creating thousands of Federal corporations  operating in legal capacities (not lawful), fronted with titles making their foreign corporations appear being “lawful government agencies and officers!”

Federal Government is mazes of undisclosed foreign corporations, employing foreign agents and title of nobility (privateer) members, impersonating government by the people and for the North American peoples. Federal Government Corporations are operating in capacities representative of criminal activities, treasonous racketeering (i.e. RICO) spreading tyranny upon free American nationals pursuant of non-disclosure of being foreign corporations;  

Most disturbing is knowing the phrase “New World Order” is really “Old World Order” operations; private classes of old-world-families and powers running North America’s government, referring themselves as “Federal Governments!” The same old-world-families and powers in operations during our American Rebellion, never relinquishing its stranglehold on our country and peoples, still operating and controlling North America and North Americans, today;

Really, the only recourse of defense, remedy and resolution we American Nationals’ have in any Administrative court businesses, impersonating lawful “Courts” is “filling damage and injury claims for Non-disclosure!” Can you find where it was/is disclosed in plan writing that mazes of private foreign Federal Corporations are acting in mock capacities of representative government for North American people, by North American people?  And, can you find in archive where Federal Government overthrew de jure government for North American peoples and our lawful government after winning our Independence?

Instead, foreign private-interest referred as “Federal Government” groups immediately rebelled against our liberty, waging its own private revolution against our independence by creating racial and cultural adversity among North American peoples…creating Civil War;

Federal Government foreign Investors’ creation of adversity was familiar, age-old war strategy, first creating mock controversy, then setting one culture against another while Investors stayed in exile, removed from controversy, watching people destroy people, accomplishing their control agendas from safe distances. These are historic strategies and powerful administrative tools still active used by Federal Government Corporations in secretly waging war against Americans (Emergency War Powers Act), while, behind war scenes, foreign franchise governments continued rebuilding and maintaining its foreign stranglehold on our North American country and North American national peoples!

American nationals, maintaining dumbed-down status, added in Federal Governments’ success in maintaining imported, trained and gainfully employing foreign nationals from all over the world, continuing today filling Federal Corporate jobs with men and women willing to betray North Americans charters, rights and independences in serving foreign masters stationed in District of Columbia (Washington, District Counsel of IRS (D.C.), headquarter of United Nations Corporations;

Without vigilance of our Independence, North American national peoples, either by ignorance or selfishness, or full disclosure of foreign Federal Governments’ plan of systematically condemning and outsourcing North Americans for over two hundred years, have cast widespread poverty across North America, forcing non-corporate North Americans into streets, living under blue tarps and others living under cover of bridges, if they’re lucky!  

North America country and peoples have systematically and intentionally been thrust into throws of economic crises, with Federal Government Corporations no longer pretending representation of North American peoples;

In discovery in research, the term “government” has been misrepresented because it’s always meant “foreign Federal Corporations” occupying North America; misrepresenting “government” in undisclosed private corporate charters, systematically creating confusion and political chaos regarding duties and responsibilities of Federal Government. Where each man and woman working for private Federal Government franchises and subsidiaries are mere employee or member, with titles of President, Vice President, Senators, Representatives, State Leadership, all the way down to receptionists collecting federal reserve notes in mock judicial courts fines, penalties and statutory violations…all are representative of legislative administration, void of justice, void of authority of providing judicial (due process) courts; and most glaringly absent in charter language are void of operation and authority over North American national peoples!  

Historic fact: Each new presidential four-year term represents changing of foreign corporate guards, such as CEO President of United States of America Corporations, displaying new gimmicks, propaganda, fireworks, glitter and flair, new cloths, new faces, censored broadcasts void of protests or truth about private CEO election ,big shows (distractions) of foreign government officials keeping North American masses appeased, hoping that no one wakes in time to save North America and North American freedoms;

Lack of both knowledge and vigilance over our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence has left the doors wide open for corporate corruption and crime, barring no holds, allowing foreign private Federal Government and private political subdivisions, located all over the world forcing performances over North Americans through threat of imprisonment and enforcement of private administrative rules, regulations, statutes, and codes executed by private Federal Governments’ employee judges, attorneys and police. Enforcing mercilessly foreign rule, corporate fees, interests, taxes, and penalties that are non-applicable against non-corporate North American nationals, suffering through operational practices as that of racketeers, pirates and criminals, organized crime syndicates, government mafia!

During my years of awakening journey, I had support and blessing of many Elders and Indigenous peoples, that produced documentation, books, and historical events describing many genocidal atrocities that occurred right here on North American soil, under our noses – most North Americans didn’t even notice, or care since tyranny didn’t directly apply to them! Today, most American government employees are trained in putting blinders on and numbing themselves into performing job duties mirroring genocide and Third Reich practices;

Private, foreign Federal Government has gone unexposed and unchecked for over two hundred years, escalating in condition of crazed, unstoppable powers! All of which I see as a good thing because blatant abuses, discriminations, and complete lack of morals and integrity has awakened many North Americans now questioning what government truly represents and means to their lives, liberties and happiness’s, today;  

To date, I know of no one in this solvency from corporate Federal Government movement that’s questioned and gotten full disclosure response from government regarding its true practices and allegiances. Silence, non-response, non-disclosure, and power-in-numbers have been their primary defenses and stranglehold on North American nationals!

All of which has afforded me eighteen years of rough experiences; but now I’m armed with a wealth of specific government determinations and practices that will awaken North Americans from their sound sleep, and enraged them by the perversion and tyranny that government “represents” – perversion and tyranny exposed! Events in this web site that I’m listing have awakened me and guided me; and, will be reinvestigated by independent agencies (non-Federal Government) and exposed for actual events that took place, and bring true-justice to all corporate culprits and perpetrators involved in cover-ups, treason, and acts of systematic genocide;

My journey vast journey in politics covers much of American history, weaving pictures of what government really is, and is not, today!

I began awakening to politics when I was a young teenager in 1960’s.  I didn’t even know there was such a term as “politics.” Living in the back woods of Michigan, my daily focus was on chores and community survival. My first awareness came when my parents and neighbors were anxiously waiting for results of a positive outcome of a political dinner to be broadcasted over one of the two channels on radio.

Then the next thing that I became aware of was anxiety and quietness regarding the issue, because the news was of political leaders all mysteriously dying of something called “Legionnaire’s disease” – being served chicken off an unsterile, cutting board? This was the first and one event immediately casting doubt about government, and has never left my consciousness. Media’s explanations couldn’t ever ‘fit’ or feel right. Not knowing back then what the term “politics” meant didn’t matter, my gut feeling assured me that something was dishonest and wrong with government;

Today I realize that something was more than seriously wrong with government back then…and now even more because government representation had and has nothing to do with interests of North Americans. And, it’s not mystery today how leadership that might be meeting and working for causes that would positively affect “American national peoples”, could all come up dead overnight or missing forever!

I’ve learned this tactic is one of government’s common practices, damage control back then and now. Deaths and disappearances of governmental officials operating in “Officer capacities” supporting American national people’s have come up dead…in unexplained plane crashes, poisoned, imprisoned, financially ruined, disgraced, silenced by threats of harming family members and ruination of reputations, all of which is modus operandi (M.O.) of mob rule, and corporate practices of Federal Government’s business-as-usual operations when challenged or threatened of exposure;

The next politics shocker quieted the world and halls of my entire school. I was sophomore in high school, gazing out the window of history class, bored, when live broadcast came over the loudspeaker that our president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated (murdered). The classroom was dazed and silenced – you could hear the shifting of students in their chairs, frozen in disbelief, nothing was said; we looked at each other for validation of what we heard, scanned the room for emotion; but the class room stayed silent;

When class was over, you could only see and hear reactions of students, some in somber silence, some crying, some with silent tears streaming down their faces, others storming from school, leaving in utter despair;

Moving forward many years in my life, my journey took me to Alaska, where my studies and lessons of true-government’s meaning really began. I’d arrived on tail-end of another great loss of valuable crusader, Harold C (Hank) Ostrosky, who was vigilant to our cause and venomous in his stand against government control, subjugation, discrimination, and trespass of Alaska’s indigenous peoples’ misuse of their land and control of state resources;

He, like me, had taken on government in Alaska, in defense of all our liberties and rights, which can be seen in court cases, and is still remembered and talked about by his followers in his famous, last-court stand that affirmed State of Alaska Corporation lacked jurisdiction over sovereignty of the people, their lands and their natural resources. By divine intervention, I ended up living in the same small community that many of his followers lived in, and was honoured learning from them (Case No. A-3107, September 11, 1989);

The truth around Hank’s death still burdens his loved ones and followers; but is buried deep within political graveyards of mysterious deaths. It’s documented by government as being “a sudden heart attack” during an important political function, where Hank was guest of honour and main speaker. After having eaten, it’s been told that he was immediately stricken to the floor with severe chest pain, and death followed before he could be transported. None dared call it poisoning, but it’s still highly suspected;

While still living in that same small, close-knit community, one of my Tlingit friends (Wesley) knocked on my door, and handed me a book, told me that I needed to read it, and explained that if I wanted to understand government, I needed to “begin here” in understanding “our” part of history. So, inquisitive and open for answers, I took the book and shuffled through several pages, reading a few lines here and there, skimming it before really getting down and reading Leonard Peltier’s Lakota Last Stand, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse;

As I began reading (studying) the book, I was confused, and didn’t know if I could comprehend what had happened. I could only read a few pages at a time because anxiety overtook me. I didn’t like what I was reading; then I hated what I was witnessing on each page. I was sickened, then furious…then enraged by the contents of the book. Each page and chapter is filled with the most despicable and pathetic excuses and disgraces of Federal Government representation since America’s Civil War recaptured our country, people and freedom! It took me three months to read the book;

After finishing the book, I realized my consciousness had moved light-years ahead of what I thought I knew about government and life. What came immediately was that all American nationals still existed as indentured servants and slaves. My understanding of ‘what government really means in North America’ was open for new possibilities, because – what happened in the Dakotas to the Lakota tribe, without a honest word from Government spoken, or a full disclosure and accounting of truth about government’s illegal and provoked invasion  – was blatant genocide…which really says a lot about Americans’ distraction of consciousness of other countries and even other states, standing by letting our own be slaughtered and murdered for false claims, is sobering and disgraceful;

The book was kept off North American shelves for eight years, allegedly locked in legal battles; but it was only when government was assured that Americans were completely docile, dumbed-down enough, and no longer threat or challenge of its secret existences and agendas. This comprehensive history of desperate Indian efforts in maintaining their lives, traditions and preserving sacredness of Mother earth, revealed Lakota Indians’ long struggle with Federal Government, from Red Cloud’s War and Little Big Horn in Indian wars (defense against Federal Government tyranny) of 1970s;

After Federal Government corporations had rounded up Lakota peoples and herded them into the Bad Lands like cattle, Lakota Peoples’ realized that there was gold in them-thar hills! Then it came to light Federal Government had every intension of making excuse of breaking the treaty for purpose of stealing the gold. Bringing bogus non-compliance issues and alleged treaty violations against Lakota people, fulfilling Federal Government-created adversity plan, then mock court trials, bringing Federal troops (FBI) in quelling any disturbances from protestors while government did its looting and pirating of what is referred to as Black Hills Gold.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse should be required-reading beginning in 9th-grade American History; and must read for every American national, especially those beginning this journey of solvency from the foreign private Federal Government Corporations in fully understanding what they’re up against for waging a peaceful and viable defense;

Federal Government corporations are operating in ruthlessness and uncontrolled power of new Fourth Reich, active since Civil War, more commonly referred to as “New World Order”, which must be understood, exposed, and defeated!

It’s past time that we American national peoples (of all cultures) join peacefully in exposing these atrocities. The causes and contents of Leonard Peltier’s story are good place in beginning, because it will turn your stomach in disgust and evidence of blatant genocide, which private foreign Federal Government walked away from…unscathed, from even media’s scrutiny, with Lakota blood dripping from each of their murderous hands all the way back to Washington, D.C.!

Since that time, American history has revealed in addition of Civil War, destruction of the Lakota peoples and nation…with Leonard Peltier, Anishinaabeg, still in prison for defending lives of women and children, mowed down like grass from Federal Government’s private (invading) military fire – American blood that can never be washed from their consciousness, our consciousness, until true justice prevails;

Since that time, North American nationals have suffered in ignorance and silence from further government crimes and genocide, as evidenced in private foreign Federal Government Leaders (Presidents) turning arms against and murdering our own people, in naming just a few: Civil War, World War II, Great Depression, Black Hills, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Freemans, and every man and woman sitting in prison today or murdered for their courageous attempts in exposing Federal Government foreign corporations; and opting out of memberships and privileges and protections of private Federal Government Corporations, gaining back our dignity, independence and Republic!

I’m very hopeful of gaining back our liberty, because government corruption is rampant, no longer hidden in plain sight. Federal Government tyranny has subjected and suppressed American nationals into so much tyranny and subjugation that we’re now crawling for our existences. In light of the many past and now current events combined, many courageous men and women are coming together for our common cause of breathing life into our more-perfect union Republic by together traveling down that road not traveled;

When Federal Government declared Americans as enemies of their “Federal and State Governments”, as is affirmed in Emergency War Powers Act, it evidenced our lawful government had transformed into mazes of Federal Government Corporations, foreign interest governments. So, our remedy and relief is simple: We opt-out of benefit, privilege and protection of classification of Federal Government Citizens / CITIZENS / RESIDENTS / PERSONS / CORPORATIONS / MEMBERS…and do everything possible in stopping doing business with them!

If Americans can understand how we already have power in restoring our “Republic” because historic documents secure restoration, it might be as easy as easy as Toto pulling back the black curtain exposing “The Great and Powerful Federal Government Oz”, with Dorothy (Americans) clicking her heels together, saying, “There’s no place like home!”

The biggest threat for Federal Government corporations is that it’s heavily indebted and invested all over the world in private business dealings disguised as “War”, in support of “Old World Order” franchise and subsidiary nations. And, if American nationals’, heirs and creditors of this great North America country, wake-up and no longer believe-in, trust or support Federal Government, it’s in serious conflict of being heavily indebted to other “Old World Order Nations.” We must remember: American national peoples are not in debt, we’re collateral used for government debt; meaning “we” are in charge of our fate and positive changes!

My books and writings of historic lessons and terms all affirm that government is operating in “corporate” capacities only, with employee agents and members presiding and running their corporations, pursuant of private legislative charters that have nothing to do with North Americans, our liberty, our rights, and union Republic states.

I’d go as far as to say that our union Republic has been on mothballs and sealed in foreign private Federal bankruptcy since advent of Civil War and private Federal Government Corporations first Executive Order!

Benefits and privileges from government are not free—nothing is free! Everything is about money…and those government benefits and privileges have just about cost us our county and our freedom—now dangling by a thread!

   One man or woman with law is a majority! Always remember that you’re the only one that can take back your liberty. No one else can do it for you. You can and must act independently of the masses. You and the Law are capable of awesome accomplishments in liberty.  The Declaration of Independence is just as and perhaps more important today as it was in 1776:

“. . . it is their right, it is their duty. . . to provide new guards for their future security. . .and such is now the necessity which contains them to alter their former systems of government.”

–Thomas Jefferson.

Thank you so much for visiting my web site and your time of reading and understanding that we’re living in an exciting time; we’re in throes of another, perhaps final takeover, but this time, many have awakened enough in understanding that there are many avenues already in place, readily available for us to free ourselves.

Sharon-Lee: Shields,
American national Michiganian

Title 18 USC Section 242 makes it a crime for government persons acting under color of any law to willfully deprive another person or American of rights or privileges protected by the Constitution, Bill of Right, Declaration of Independence and laws of the United States, including acts not exclusive committed by federal, state, or local officials operating outside of [their] lawful and legal authorities, but also acts committed while the government official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties that are found in violation of the Treaties stated herein. Public and Private Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officials, prisons guard officials and other law enforcement officials, attorney and judge employee officials, State and Federal Leadership Officials operating in collusion and disharmony of the American Peoples substantive government and laws, including all public officials, impersonating lawful public officers. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim. Pursuant to Title 18 USC Section 242 is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or death penalty, depending upon the nature and circumstances of the crime and resulting injury and/or both;. and shall be subject to prosecution under the Law.With Explicit Reservation of All Rights, No Trespassing, Without Prejudice and Without Recourse to Me.

Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or ALL Intellectual Property Rights or Reserved Rights.

ECPA 18 USCA 2510.Gramm-Leach Bliley Act,15 USC Subchapter I, Sec.6801-6809, Title 18 chpt.121 §§ 2701,2702,2709(c)(e)Title 18 Chpt.§ 1505/1519/2239/chpt.109 § 2331;

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